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OpenGatekeeper reads it's configuration either from a configuration file (Linux / BSD / Unix) or from the registry (Win32).

In Unix variants the configuration file is stored in ~/.pwlib_config/opengate.ini

In Windows the data is under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Egoboo\opengate\CurrentVersion

These configuration settings control the behaviour of OpenGatekeeper and are divided into various sections described below.

If an entry is not present then the default value is assumed.


Log Level

Default value = 1 in release build, 3 in debug build

Controls the verbosity of the error log. Level 1 will log errors, 2 will include warnings and 3 will add informational messages.

Unix - these messages go to the system log by default, use the command line parameter -c to redirect them to the console.

Windows - these messages go the event log by default, use the command line parameter debug to display them in a window.


Default value = 0

Set to 1 to enable gatekeeper routed calls.

Route H245

Default value = 0

Set to 1 to also route H.245 messages if routing calls

Local Address

Default value = "*"

Sets the local address for Opengate to bind to, useful in multi homed enviroments.

Gatekeeper Id

Default value = "Opengate:" + hostname

Sets the gatekeeper id that Opengate will use.

Endpoint TTL

Default value = "10:00" (ten minutes)

The time to live for endpoint registrations. Used to determine if registered endpoints are still alive and haven't been switched off, crashed, disconnected from the network or died for whatever reason.

The format is MM:SS (minutes and seconds).

Set to 0 to disable this feature.

Max Bandwidth

Default value = 0

Sets the maximum bandwidth available for all calls in the Gatekeeper's zone.

If the value is zero then unlimited bandwidth is allowed.

Min Call Bandwidth

Default value = 10000

The minimum bandwidth allocated per call. This is needed because some clients (e.g. NetMeeting 3.0) don't ask for all the bandwidth that they actually require.


This section controls the message log.


Default value = "OpengateLog.txt"

The file in which to log messages


Default value = 0

The verbosity of the message log. Levels are:

  • 0 none
  • 1 type of messages only
  • 2 full details of messages sent and received


This section contains a list of gatekeepers to communicate with to try and identify endpoints.

The list is in the format name=address. Name is for reference purposes only, OpenGatekeeper does not look at. Address can either be the domain name of the gatekeeper or it's IP address.




This section contains a list of statically defined prefixes for gateways that don't specify prefixes in their registration messages.

The list is in the format Gateway IP address=prefix. The address can either be a DNS name or an IP in dotted format. The prefix is assumed to be a telephone (E.164) number. Multiple prefixes can be defined for each gateway.



Last updated 23rd May 2000

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