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Firstly get the OpenH323 source

In order to install and build and the OpenGatekeeper you first need to download, install and build the OpenH323 source. For details on how to do that please go here.

Download an executable or source code

The latest stable executables and source code are available on the downloads page.

Download the latest development source code

The latest development is available from CVS. For details see below.

Compiling the code

Make sure the source is in a subdirectory of openh323 called opengate.

To compile in Windows, load the workspace file opengate.dsw into MSVC and build as a normal project.

Under Linux first create the dependencies using the commands "make optdepend" and "make debugdepend" and then compile using "make opt" for the release version or "make debug" for the debug version.

Under FreeBSD follow the instructions given for Linux but use "gmake" instead of "make".


OpenGatekeeper should compile with gcc version 2.95 or later on Linux or FreeBSD, or MSVC 6.x on Windows 9x or Windows NT.

If you using MSVC you will probably want to download bugs fixes to the STL which are available here. OpenGatekeeper makes use of the STL. These fixes affect the behaviour of the STL in multi threaded applications and are probably a good thing to have!

Earlier versions of these compilers may work, but I haven't tried them.

Running OpenGatekeeper

On Windows OpenGatekeeper runs as a service (this is simulated on Windows 9x).

Run "opengate install" to install the service and "opengate start" to start it. To run it in debug mode, run it using "opengate debug" and increase the log level to give you more information.

On Linux or FreeBSD it runs as a daemon. To run it as a daemon use the command line option -d.

You can use the options -c -x to run it in interactive mode for debugging.


The latest tip revision of the code is available in the CVS repository. This is a work in progress, so only use it if you want to be on the bleeding edge. It may not compile and it may have bugs. It is almost certainly guaranteed to melt your hard drive, kick the cat and annoy the neighbours by playing Agadoo very loudly at 2am. You have been warned!

You can get the latest revision of the code anonymously by using the following commands:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co opengate

You can browse the CVS archive over the web. Or look here for more information.

You can get a copy of the CVS client from Cyclic Software.


Last updated 8th May 2000

Copyright Egoboo 1999, 2000