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What is a Gatekeeper?

A good overview of the functions of a Gatekeeper can be found here.

Where can I find more information on H.323?

The specifications for H.323 are created by the IMTC and are available from the ITU, unfortunately they are not free so I cannot reproduce them here. Draft versions of the standard are available on the OpenH323 site here.

What are the licensing terms of OpenGatekeeper?

OpenGatekeeper is licensed under the MPL (Mozilla public license). This means that you can use the source code for any purpose at no cost provided that you make any modifications you make to the source code freely available under the same license.

Can I use OpenGatekeeper as part of a commercial product?

Yes as long as you comply with the license terms given above.

The source code to your product does not have to be Open Source as long as it does not contain fragments of OpenGatekeeper or OpenH323 source.

Where is the mailing list?

I am not currently running a mailing list as I believe this is better covered by using the existing OpenH323 mailing list. However I will keep this under review and if people want a seperate mailing please let me know.

Where can I report bugs?

You can report bugs here.

Where can I get support for OpenGatekeeper?

Simple questions can be answered on the mailing list. Egoboo provide professional support options for OpenGatekeepers and other H.323 products.

Where can I find the log and trace messages?

Under Linux, error messages, debugging info etc. are logged to the normal system log. The is usually /var/log/messages.

Under Windows NT the same information goes to the event log.

Under Windows 9x this information goes to C:\Windows\opengate.log.txt.

By default, release builds will only log errors whereas debug builds will log a lot more information (i.e. the log level is set to "info").

More information on configuring OpenGatekeeper can be found here.

How do I get my client to talk to the Gatekeeper?

If you are using Openphone or Voxilla they should discover the Gatekeeper automatically by sending a multicast gatekeeper discovery request.

If you are using NetMeeting then you can set the IP address of the Gatekeeper in Tools, Options, General, Advanced Calling.


Last updated 26th November 2000

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